A self-employed person is someone who does not earn a fixed wage or salary from an employer but rather earns income from their own business. If you are self-employed, getting a mortgage can be tricky. Without the usual documentation required for lending, you will definitely have to jump through some additional hoops. For many self-employed Canadians, income is more difficult to prove. But there are options for business owners seeking mortgage products. Your most effective strategy is to partner with a skilled broker experienced in helping those who are self-employed navigate the mortgage application process.

Property Finance Corp. can help you access lending options specifically designed for Canadians who declare their income differently than those who are traditionally employed. The complex process of mortgage application as a self-employed individual is a lot easier with the right partner.



Not all banks and traditional lenders will offer mortgages to Canadians who are self-employed. The risk is considered higher and sometimes even those lenders who will approve someone who works for themselves will only offer higher mortgage rates to offset that risk.

Proof of income is more complicated to provide for those who operate their own business. And many business owners are determined to minimize their taxes owed by writing off as many expenses as possible. This can make earnings appear low. The list of documentation required in the mortgage application process for those who are self-employed is a lot longer than for those applying for more traditional mortgage products. Here are just some of the documents you may be required to provide:

  • Notices of Assessment (likely 2-3 years minimum)
  • GST and HST account numbers and proof that funds collected are paid in full
  • Proof that no income taxes are owing
  • Business and personal credit scores
  • Proof of business ownership/ business license
  • Personal and business bank statements
  • Proof of downpayment

But there are ways for self-employed individuals to access adequate mortgage amounts at really competitive rates. A broker who is experienced in shopping for loans for those who are self-employed can help you find the right product for you.


Mortgage Answers At Your Fingertips

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Don’t let the obstacles for self-employed individuals seeking a mortgage intimidate you. There are more options available for you than the strict application requirements may lead you to believe.

Traditional Mortgages: You may still qualify for a traditional mortgage product, even if you are self-employed. The amount of mortgage you qualify for will likely be lower, but this may work within the parameters of your budget and goals.

Stated Income Mortgages: These mortgages require a larger down payment (often 35% or more), but your lender will allow you to declare your income without verification and will expect that the stated amount is reasonable given your industry, years in business, etc.

Insured Stated Income Mortgages: this product is designed for borrowers who may not have access to the cash required for the 35%+ down payment required for a Stated Income Mortgage. This is an insured loan and you will have to pay premiums along with your mortgage payments. This allows you to make a down payment as low as 10%, but your credit scores will have to be top-notch. The lenders of Insured Stated Income Mortgages are:

  • A Lenders: Traditional Banks- the most strict lending criteria
  • B Lenders: Creditors- less strict lending criteria
  • Private Lenders: Unregulated- less strict but very high-interest rates

Celebrating Success

We are committed to helping our clients find the best mortgage solution available and educating them every step of the way. When our clients are able to move closer to their financial goals and can purchase, refinance, or leverage their home’s equity, their success is our success. We’ll let them speak for themselves...

Don’t Let The Rates Fool You

Every mortgage customer focuses on advertised rates as they search for the “best” mortgage available. Good rates are great, but they do not tell the whole story. The length of the mortgage term, amortization, repayment flexibility, and type of interest are just some of the other factors that will determine the best mortgage for you. Property Finance Corp. can connect you with the mortgage products that meet each of your needs and that sets you up for a strong financial future.


The process of applying for a mortgage may be different for those who are self-employed, but there are many mortgage products available for you to achieve your goal of homeownership. Whether purchasing your first home, looking for your dream home or creating a home base in a new location as you grow your business, partnering with a knowledgeable broker is the most important consideration. We are experienced in navigating the more complex process of a mortgage application for Canadians who are not traditionally employed and will help ensure you get the best rates and the terms that are most suited for your budget and goals. Our network of over 35 lenders have a variety of products to suit your needs. Let Property Finance Corp. educate you on the options available and secure a loan that takes you home.

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Property Finance Corp. has access to a variety of mortgage products that can be tailored just for you. From first-time buyers to empty nesters looking to downsize and for every single Canadian seeking a mortgage product in between, we have the solution. Access to our network of over 35 of the most reliable lenders means we can help you find a new mortgage, negotiate a mortgage renewal, help secure refinancing,  and unlock the equity in your home.


Self-Employed FAQs

Banks and lenders use gross income, not taxable income, to decide whether you qualify for a mortgage or other loan. Gross income is your before-tax earnings.

Lenders and banks typically require 2 years of annual federal tax returns, 3 to 6 months business bank statements ( or up to 12 months depending on the lender), business financials, and a Profit and Loss Statement.

You must have been self-employed as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or incorporated for at least two years, you cannot be commissioned or in sales, you can’t have defaulted on a mortgage or declared bankruptcy in the past 6 years, and the property must be owner-occupied. Your down payment can not be borrowed. Call us and our mortgage experts can help you navigate some of these trickier requirements.

The Right Broker = The Right Mortgage Solution

The Right Broker = The Right Mortgage Solution

Choosing the right mortgage solution is key to setting yourself up to achieve your goals and creating a bright financial future for you and your family. Choosing the right mortgage broker to help you get it is just as important. Property Finance Corp. is a team of dedicated and experienced brokers who can guide you through the often complex world of mortgage products. Leverage our skill, our industry knowledge, and our carefully cultivated lender relationships to find the mortgage solution that is most ideal for you.

Call us at 1-844-PF1CORP (731-2677) today.

Your Guide To A Strong Financial Future

You don’t have to travel the pathways to homeownership, mortgage renewal, refinancing, or accessing the equity in your home alone. Property Finance Corp. is uniquely positioned to guide you with insight and practical advice to ensure that the mortgage product you choose is exactly right for you.

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